Hello, Welcome To The Purple Tent

A once a month gathering for women of all ages to come together for community, support, love, and encouragement. 

We have created the Purple Tent to offer women a central hub for receiving guidance, support, and encouragement through all aspects of a woman's life. If you have gifts to share, we welcome your offering. Let us know whatever it is you would like to share and we will make a night of it!

We meet every first Friday of the month at 6pm and each meeting will hold a specific theme. If you can't come in person but you'd really like to participate, please let us know and we will get you set up through Zoom if need be. 

Looking forward to meeting you gorgeous ladies and hearing your stories! 

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Theme For February

The theme for January is *Transform*. This night is about activating the sacral chakra, using Intuitive Movement to release stuck feelings (energy). We will have discussion over the pressures, the exhaustion, frustrations, and then we're going to release and transform it all! Be ready to move your body and shake your booty! Snacks and drinks will be provided but of course you are more than welcome to bring a sharable treat if you'd like! See you ladies soon!!


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We’d love to see you at our next gathering...
February 4th, 2022! 6-8PM
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Back Story

After reading the book "The Red Tent", Karen was deeply inspired to bring this tradition of regular homecomings for crones, mothers, and maidens to Warrior Spirit Wellness. With monthly meetings, we all gather to share wisdom and healings with one another. 

In the book they talk about a time when the women would gather to the Red Tent and bleed together. They would share stories, help one another through childbirth, through illness, through loss... Everything was experienced together. When a young girl finally had her first bleed she was draped in beautiful clothing. The women in her family gave her bracelets, jewelry of all kinds and a party. Drinks, food, dessert, dancing. Having your first period was a call for celebration.

We call this the purple tent because it is representative of our CROWNS. The Crown Chakra is typically seen as either Purple or White and it represents states of higher consciousness and divine connection. When this chakra is out of balance it attributes to disregarding what is sacred, close mindedness, and disconnection with Spirit. So here we are, offering a space where women can come together to open up and be seen. Learning vulnerability opens the crown and brings you deeper into your connection with Spirit. Allowing others to see you is a testament to your strength. If this is something you're still working on, know that we will respect you. There is no rush on your journey - your pace is perfect for you.

To be a woman is an honor. Women are the literal bridge between the Spirit and the Physical. Women are the entry way for human life to come through into this world. Women are sacred

Warrior Spirit Wellness invites you to bring your wisdom, your gifts, and your desire to play. We ask that you register at least two days prior to the event so we can be sure to have enough food. Register below, and yes the Purple Tent is always free.

Much Munay

If you have questions, feel free to contact via email or text.