Karen April Massage
Medical Massage - Yoga - Intuitive Healing


Medical Massage

Therapeutic Massage guaranteed to provide both physical and emotional relief.

Karen has a refined, intuitive touch. Attentive and clear, she utilizes various methods and techniques to ensure the client receives the most effective, personalized care. Techniques include Thai Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Breath work, Assisted Stretch, and Neuromuscular techniques.



Private Shakti Sessions

Personalized Shakti sequence to heal the Sacral, strengthening your connection to your Divine Self.

This can be done one on one or with a private group of you and your friends. Shakti Yoga Sessions are quite beautiful and powerful. We free the energy from the spine and allow her to flow through our being - filling us with compassion and love for our Selves. 


Prayer Painting

Reiki infused Soul Portrait

I hold this kind of work very dear to my heart. We are all held in grace at all times. Unfortunately though, the stresses from this 3D world with the ego mind can make it hard to see ourselves as the gorgeous creation we are. When we lack value in ourselves it makes the body a perfect host for illness and disease. I believe if and when we see ourselves the way God sees us, a gorgeous creation, our body fills with light and healing takes place. I do this work so people can see themselves in a healed state and learn to embody that truth so their healing may take form. 


Private Yoga Sessions

One-on-One Attention to strengthen your yoga practice.

Personalized Yoga Sequence tailored to meet your needs. This one on one attention offers the ability to practice around your schedule and the power to choose exactly what you want to go over. Some examples of Yoga styles we can discuss include Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Pranayama.

Reiki Treatment

Energy Work

Reiki and Shamanic Healing to balance your energy. Offers stress relief and inner peace.

This work can be done through gentle touch or no touch at all. This work is meant to ground the recipient from emotional, physical, and/or mental disruption. 

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