Hi there! My name is Karen April Cress and I'm a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist, Intuitive Healer, and Ashtanga Yoga instructor based out of Northern Kentucky.

My practice is all about finding peace, building strength, and honoring limitations. Teaching people to be gentle with themselves wherever they may be on their healing journey is very important to me. Understand that the human body does a really good job cradling wounds both physical and emotional. Without mindful attention to our injuries and traumas, they can embed themselves in various places causing chronic pain and emotional fatigue.

With yoga and massage, we settle into the breath giving our bodies permission to finally let go and welcome healing as we sink into the parasympathetic - the rest and digest state.

We all hold the light of God within us. With true awareness of our inner light, we can find healing and freedom instantaneously. I'm here to help.


Karen April