Karen April Massage

Medical Massage - Yoga - Intuitive Healing


Medical Massage

Therapeutic Massage guaranteed to provide both physical and emotional relief.

Karen has a refined, intuitive touch. Attentive and clear, she utilizes various methods and techniques to ensure the client receives the most effective, personalized care. Techniques include Thai Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Breath work, Assisted Stretch, and Neuromuscular techniques.


Reiki Treatment

Energy Work

Reiki and Shamanic Healing to balance your energy. Offers stress relief and inner peace.

This work can be done through gentle touch or no touch at all. This work is meant to ground the recipient from emotional, physical, and/or mental disruption and discomfort using the powers of plants and Spirit Guides. 

Freshly Squeezed Juice

Healthy Habits:


Want to know more about what you can do to reduce inflammation from the body?

Consultations are great for those who would like the extra help knowing what at home treats, foods, juices, habits, and exercises can be brought into your life to help reduce inflammation in the body. 


Health and Wellness Events

Every second Saturday of the month is our FREE Park Hills Health Market!

At Your CBD Store in Park Hills, KY our collective of healers and healthy living advocates come together to show off clean beauty products, energetic healing techniques, medical massage, fun reusable household items, and tons more. Every month we bring in new guests to show off their own contributions to healthy living. From 9am-1pm stop by and see what we have going on! 


Private Yoga Sessions

One-on-One Attention to strengthen your yoga practice.

Personalized Yoga Sequence tailored to meet your specific needs. This one on one attention offers the ability to practice around your schedule and the power to choose exactly what you want to practice. Some examples of Yoga styles range from Yin, soft and slow, to Ashtanga, power and strength.

Home Entrance

In-Home Treatment

Have your massage or private yoga session brought straight to you!

For an additional fee I can travel to you for In-home Massage and/or In-Home Private Yoga. Contact me directly to book In-Home Treatments. (Copy of Photo ID required prior to treatment)



60-90 Minute Long-Distance Energy Healing session that incorporates the creation of a painting.

Using creative expression to pray over the client, I send Reiki while painting the message received from Spirit. The painting becomes a tangible reminder of the truth revealed to the recipient for the balance and love that was given to them during the session.

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