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My Healing Resources & Recommended Books

Lisa Hildebrandt

Traditional Chinese Medicine has included the art of acupressure for more than 5000 years. It is through this art that I find great satisfaction in helping people relieve stress and realign energies in their daily lives.
The goal of acupressure is to unblock channels of energy to restore balance to the opposing forces of Yin and Yang within the body.  

Allyson Blythe

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Life Coach, my mission is to EDUCATE, EQUIP, AND EMPOWER you to become active in the game of life! I promise to help you dig deep into self-awareness and emotional intelligence so you can take personal responsibility in creating your very best self.

Paul Miller

Paul is a certified Shinpiden Third Degree Practitioner trained in Usui Reiki Ryoho System of Nature Healing. He supports clients with gentle loving kindness and provides clients a sacred space of safety and comfort to promote relaxation and healing of mind, body and spirit.


Alice McHargue

Alice is a Reiki Master, Teacher, Practitioner, and Healer.

​Alice is a Master Teacher of self love through Reiki, energy healing, story telling, crystals, and community building. Alice offers Reiki classes and certifications, tuning fork and reiki healing sessions, and hosts educational healing events.


Vivienne Gerard

Viv is a space holder for all of us journeying to embodying I Am.

She is a spectacular guide, healer, mother, and teacher with so much to offer. I highly suggest visiting her site for meditations, energy clearings, classes, group gatherings, and so much more!


Brittany Montel

Brittany is a wise soul with powerful gifts. She is a reiki practitioner and offers Akashic Readings by request. If you're looking for guidance and want to know more about the energetic structure of your life path Brittany is your gal!

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