Shakti Yoga - 
Goddess Flow Series

Date:October 23rd, 2021

Time: 6-7 PM

Location: Warrior Spirit Wellness

$20 Per person

Let the woman tune into the divine feminine with this gentle, sensual flow. In this 45min. yoga flow and meditation you will find yourself inspired and empowered. The true creative woman living her authentic self honors her gentle nature AND her fierce assertive Self. This is a woman focused class to inspire self-love, sensual self touch, and the gift of deep knowing that we create our own lives. We have the power heal our bodies with our very own perspective. Want to know more? Please come! The series is once a month class featuring a reading and a gift for the class. The next class after this one will be November 21st from 5-6PM.


Painting & Wine Night Topic is Sunflower!

Date: TBA

Time: 5-7:30 PM

Location: Warrior Spirit Wellness

$45 Per person

An evening to unwind, drink some wine, and paint a sweet sunflower. I will lead the class step by step as we all snack and laugh through the evening. 


Couples Massage Workshop

Date: November 13th, 2021 

Time: 3:30-5:30PM

Location: Warrior Spirit Wellness

$50 Per couple

Save your hands while giving your partner a wonderful full body massage. The first workshop was a hit, so I'm having another one! The class will instruct various Thai bodywork techniques, assisted stretch, and gentle compressions. Anybody and everybody can take this class! Pressure can be adjusted easily and I'll show you how to use your body as leverage so you don't ware yourself out working on your loved one. Q & A at the end so bring your questions!

Shiva Shakti Yoga - 
The Men's Flow

Date: September 12th

Time: 4-5 PM

Location: Warrior Spirit Wellness

$20 Per person

A class for the fellows to discover the secrets in balancing the divine masculine within the divine feminine. This yoga flow and meditation will be 45min. in length with time at the end for discussion. My goal for this class is to bring your masculine energy forward where it can express itself fully. In this place of security and stability you will empower your emotional body and find yourself in a new wave of peace, authenticity, and vulnerability. The flow will be gentle but challenging. It is important to note that when the masculine property of your being in out of balance, it can lead you one of two ways - incredible passivity or incredible aggression. When you nurture your body (a feminine action) you simultaneously give the masculine part of your being a secure place to express itself. Leaving you assertive instead of aggressive. Powerful but not controlling. We will use this hour to bring our masculine energy forward in a feminine space of healing and transpire balance.