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Spiritual Mentorship

What does the Spiritual Mentorship look like?

Wherever you are on your journey, I'm here to help you ground into your power and find balance. As you become more embodied you will find that life starts to realign itself in all areas to match your new frequency. 


The Spiritual Mentorship is intended to help you:

  • Become more embodied, whole

  • Develop/Activate spiritual gifts

  • Elevate Your Energy

  • Safely connect with the higher realms (Communicate with Angels, Spirit Guides, Healed Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and others)

  • Self heal through energy work, meditation, and conscious living

  • Transform pain into power

  • Strengthen discernment

Practices to Achieve your Goal(s) include:

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Breath Work

  • Grounding

  • Ceremony/Ritual

  • Aura Cleansing

  • Shadow Work


Our time together begins with Shamanic Energy Healing to clear your energy field to prepare you for the work ahead. The mentorship focuses on empowering you to heal yourself through meditation, conscious living, self awareness, shifting perspective, and energy work. 

Note: The work we do together does not involve personal counseling nor talk therapy. In our time together we will explore self healing practices to help you align to your intention/goal. 

One Session is $133 for 75 Minutes or you can purchase four sessions for $400. 

Is This Right For You?

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